We're part of nature's changes. Feel the peace of wild things
On March 20th, Day and Night are in balance. How's your equilibrium?
This week, we notice what's emerging three years after the world went into lockdown.
March is a liminal month. Dust off the winter. Dance, Vent, Release

February 2023

A Guided Meditation and Writing Prompt to Reinstate Your Desires
Returning to our core in a struggling world
A week to affirm your beautiful self: scars, shadow, all of you
What's returning in your life?

January 2023

Your Rejuvenation MeditationWatch now (4 min) | Take a Journey, Reflect on what January has brought you
Chat is a private space for us to converse and connect
In the heart of January, seeking space to listen
Midway through the month, it's natural to need a boost