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We are part of nature’s cycles and rhythms but so often feel separate. 

Join me for a weekly practice of meditative reading, expressive writing prompts and deepening practices that explore the seasons as archetypes that can guide our internal rhythms and ground and connect us to each other and to our own intuition and inner wisdom.

JourneyWith The Seasons is a simple practice–and works well for busy folks.

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Your weekly message shares a reading and a (suggested) seven minute writing prompt on a seasonal theme.

If you want to return to the prompt to go deeper, you can revisit it another time or two to see what else arises.

I’ll also share a simple practice to integrate into your week–something like looking for signs of beauty, growth or change in your landscape. Listening to music related to the season’s archetype. I’ll also include a guided meditation for each month.

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A Journey With The Seasons community is forming. You can be as active as you choose. Share your writings and reflections, your landscape photos, your insights and awakenings.

Paid subscribers will also receive free access to two live seasonal workshops on the Winter and Summer Solstice.

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Gabrielle Ariella Kaplan-Mayer

Writer, Educator, Spiritual Teacher, Disability advocate. www.gabriellekaplanmayer.com