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Your Rejuvenation Meditation

Take a Journey, Reflect on what January has brought you

This week, I’m starting with gratitude. For you. For every reader who has trusted in my vision and hit the ‘subscribe’ button.

Whether this is your first week here, whether you’re catching up on January’s archives, whether you’ve read each week: thank you. Whether you’ve tried the writing prompts or considered them, let them float around in your psyche, or sent me your reflections: thank you.

Thank you to the founding members whose generosity supports my work in a very tangible way, helping me to grow Feed Your Spirit Writing.

Thank you.

This is our last week focusing on rejuvenation.

Through the month, I’ve shared ways to take cues from nature to find what energizes us. This is a shift away from how our culture approaches January as a time of doing more, making external changes without explore what’s stirring inside us.

We’ve considered:

On the final Sunday of each month, I’ll offer a Guided Meditation and writing prompt inspired by the meditation. Here’s your first one (in the video above)! If Guided Meditation isn’t your thing, an alternative writing practice is to revisit one of January’s prompts.

Writing Practice:

Set aside 5-7 minutes for this practice. Write in a journal or open a ‘Journey with The Season’ document where you can return each Sunday.

What images did you experience in the meditation? Describe the colors you saw, any sounds or smells that you remember. What was your experience walking in the snow, warming at the fire? What do you want to remember about the seeds you’re planting?

Deepening Practice:

Let the idea that we’re midway through the winter settle into you. Write about the opportunities and the challenges that have come up for you this season so far.

What’s rejuvenating me this week:

I’m energized about February’s theme of Return. As light returns to lengthen the days, we’ll get curious about what layers, complexities and energies are returning in our lives.

Now’s a great time to invite friends or loved ones to try February’s practice with us. I made a little reel on my instagram that you can share to welcome the them.


And…if you’re interested in my next online expressive writings series Soulful Spring, registration is now open. An amazing group is forming!

Journey With The Seasons Substack
Journey With The Seasons Substack
Gabrielle Ariella Kaplan-Mayer